Story of St. Katherine Orthodox Church

 St. Katherine Mission Parish with ARchbishop Benjamin (November 2015)

St. Katherine is a mission church founded in 1998 by parishioners of St. Spiridon Orthodox Cathedral in Seattle who wanted to start an Orthodox church on the Eastside of Lake Washington. Our parish has “cradle” Orthodox and many converts to the Orthodox faith, including former Protestants, Catholics, and people who previously did not have any religious affiliation.

We belong to the Orthodox Church in America, which is part of the worldwide Orthodox Church—the oldest Christian Church, as recorded in the New Testament Book of Acts. We worship God using the scriptural foundation, prayers, and liturgical practices that are the heart of our 2,000 year old Church.

All services are in English. We have services on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings every week, and on feast days. Bible study classes and sessions for those interested in learning more about the Orthodox faith are held regularly, and are open to anyone regardless of religious affiliation.

For more information, call (425) 623-3653, email us, or view our calendar for services and activities.

Church Building Fund

St. Katherine Mission was started in the 1980s to serve the Eastside of Lake Washington. Today our parish is blossoming—and we’re in need of a permanent home to establish roots so we can continue serving the Lord for generations to come. The St. Katherine Building Fund is central to that effort. Anyone interested in helping us can contribute by clicking on the button below; all donations will go towards purchasing property. If you have questions or would like more details, please feel free to email us or call the church at (425) 623-3653.