St. Katherine Orthodox Mission in Kirkland, Washington is a vibrant, fast-growing Orthodox Christian parish serving the Eastside of Lake Washington near Seattle.

Our faith, worship, and community is a continuation of the 2,000-year-old Orthodox Church—the original Christian Church. If you are unfamiliar with Orthodoxy, or would like to learn more about our parish and faith, please explore our site.

Or better yet, join us at our parish, for to truly understand Orthodoxy, one has to experience it. As the Apostle Philip says in John 1:46, “Come and see."



Growing the Church on the Eastside: Join us for our fundraising event Sunday, November 8, 5:30 p.m. at Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption, 1804 13th Ave., Seattle. We're planning a beautiful evening program that includes dinner, live music, and a silent auction. All proceeds benefit the St. Katherine Orthodox Mission Building Fund, which will help us establish a permanent home for our parish on the Eastside. Admission: $50 for adults 21 and over, $25 for children (free for 5 years old and under). For information and to reserve your place, call (425) 686-2127.